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Erotic Visual Novel: Stranded(Gay, M/M, bara)

30 November 22

If you want visual book genre but believe there ought to more of these left in science fiction configurations and more fag content inside them we have great news for you "Stranded" is just one of these games! And you aren't likely tobe now the person who obtained news. Meet with Michael Bester. H ehappene dto be the last survivor on a planet located in many light years from Earth which means he won't get any help shortly if he will get whatsoever. However he founds out that he may not be the last man here - there is one more survivor shows up in the facility. However, what goals that this newcommer has? Can those two capture aloong and discover alternative to thinsg or even their probelm will worse from now ? Perform the game and also make choices to locate the response for all ofthese questions!

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