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Sensual Haunting

29 November 22

What if you find the house you have just moved in is a haunted one? It is a story of Hans. He has just moved in a big house with his wife Marin and beautiful daughter Elizabeth. Hans does not believe in ghost but his wife and daughter Elizabeth feels other way. They think there is some invisible force in the house. This invisible force is a ghost. Do not worry, he is not a scary one. In contrast, he is mischievous and little bit flirty. So, what will happen next? Will Hans believe in Ghost? Will he move out or adjust with his new guests? Looking at his activities, he has no intention of harming anyone but when women are concerned, he certainly wants to feel their soft skin. Will that be so easy? And, what is the story behind him? Find out all the answers in erotic novel Sensual Haunting.

Maeve's Academy

29 November 22

The H.G. Academy, a once-renowned magic school from centuries ago, is today on the decline. You and your best buddy leave the human realm to attend this magical academy since you are the only guy ever to possess the ability to practice magic. However, when you enter the magical world, you'll find a strange land full of girls who have no concept of what a "man" is. But upon arriving at the academy, the lack of teachers, students, or any magnificent magic is painfully obvious. There are just a director, a nurse, and one teacher at the academy, but they're doing everything they can to get things up and running so they can teach magic as it was once done. However, no one in the magical world is more interested in magic these days.


29 November 22

Ero-Gen is an interactive adult game about the adventures of sorceresses specialized in sexual tricks. And to achieve their goals, they 'll be ready to do a lot of naughty things...

Smutty Scrolls Halloween 2

29 November 22

And now a bit late but that is OK as it is still the season, here is the newest version of our smutty slime queen and her cute slime boy all dressed up for Halloween. So this new one has a bit of a theme but the idea is still the same. Your goal is to make it through the maze and get to the hot princess who happens to have great big tits and will titty fuck you. She is behind the mini games and hiding behind the cauldron and if you want to fuck this sexy woman you got to figure out how to survive the maze. Have fun!

Magic Dorm

29 November 22

You are a plumber and a local sorority called you to fix their pipes. As you inspect the college dorm, you encounter many slutty college girls, and get into some schoolgirl action. These horny girls need dick and love to suck the cock.The college girls also have tons of sex toys and show you how to use a dildo in their tight pussy. You even get to enjoy a sexy magic show, with demon babes riding dick.

Cummy Curse V2

29 November 22

Well the story continues in this visual novel. You start of in bed and you are sure you are not dreaming as your new house guest is sitting on top of you. But she has been possessed and someone has taken over her body. She is now going to make you get hard and want to fuck her. She grinds you hard and can feel your hard cock in your pants. She is not going to stop until she seduces you and makes you cum. You wake up the next morning and try to figure out if the sex last night was real of just a dream!

The Witcher Hunt

29 November 22

This is a coming of age story about a young man who finally meets his soldier father who has returned from the wars. The father has signed his sons life away though in exchange for his own and now the son must pay the debt. His story will include escape and fighting monsters and being on the road where he will encounter lovely women he will bed. He will get his balls sucked and his cock worked on by some of the best prostitutes on this journey. He is young and well versed in how to jerk off but on this journey he learns the art of blowing a whole load in a whores face.

Gif hentai gallery

29 November 22

In this game you'll need to reaction some questions to find the prize. This is going to be a GIF film with buxom anime porn attractiveness. So examine the game display. Then pick a game amount. Start at an effortless degree. Then use your mouse to pick the right reaction. Should you gave the perfect prize, you will find a GIF image out of that buxom anime porn female is going to squint. Her thumbs rubdown her moist cunt and contact her buttocks. The female awakens with joy and splashes. Then reaction another issue to find the next GIF movie. The more appropriate answers to queries you provide, the more perverted GIF cartoons along with anime porn beauties you may see. So let us begin the game today.

Deedlit Gang-fuck

29 November 22

In this adult and indeed nice flash game you will learn narrative of the elf Deedlit. Deadly is the most youthful of the elves, and the child estas be the child. Her mother and daddy were equally early by phrases that are individual when she was born. Considering that the youngest of those individuals, the elves clan captured its hopes. Both Deadlit where anticipated to some day Mary, after she had been born Even though Estas wasover a himself. So vampires assaulted the elf. They ripped her off clothes and commenced to rape . Surely a fucks that an elf while she fellates a secomd man meat. And then there is her assfuck crevice. Can an elf get thru a group rape? Start playing and check it out

Deedlit Kashue manga porn plow

29 November 22

"The Record of Lodoss War" Although it is packed with many excellent chapters, there were a few that were kept under wraps. But if you're one who loves to find out the hidden secrets of your favorite characters, then you won't have a reason not to play this minigame which will put an end to the lengthy love affair that has been brewing between Kashue and Deedlit. Don't reveal too much because it can make the game less enjoyable and more disappointing. This minigame is a thrilling tale of fantasy with lots of sexual and erotic scenes. Find more details on our site.

POTEMAYO Vol. 4 (Meitantei Conan) [English]

29 November 22

Another collection of tales taken from "Detective Conan" allows you to look at the characters you know from a fresh angle that is only possible with the hentai style! It will show you what fun the rich enjoy during a cruise and the final story will demonstrate how bizarre castles appear!

Cassie's Journey

29 November 22

This is a very sexually sexy game. Casey is the main protagonist of the game. The character lives in a fantasy world. Casey is on a journey to search for her sister. There are many traps and adventure along the route. Monsters are also after her. Casey for instance is walking in an unlit forest. A huge leap is then made out of the trees. What do you do? Two options are available to choose from: run or run away. The monster will come after you. After a couple of minutes the monster lures Casey by her pink feces. Casey goes away, and stumbles upon a cave where an old centaur dwells. Casey receives the sword and armor by the centaur. He also gives advice. Casey goes to the castle to meet with the High Priestess. It's a dilemma of whether to run or attack. Casey attempts to attack however, her attack fails. The priestess is then able to use magic to attract Casey. Then, they have horrific sexual sex. You can play the game by using your mouse. You can play the game right now.

Lover For Goddess

29 November 22

The story is set in a fantasy world in which a hot princess reigns. There is no need to wait long to dream about her. Instead, you'll take on this thrilling adventure as a normal male child called Alfonso. You won't be able to find a better spot to discover because your farm is so shabby. One of these places is the castle of the queen. You can visit the queen and make a decision about your career.

Pussymon 30

29 November 22

Who would presumed that Pussymon saga could strike its own 30 the gig daily? However here it is! Following the latest events which have occurred in the 2nd Hydragodon's cave (well, you very likely ought to have played former gig to learn more) you and friends and family have came back into this Pussymon Hunter Society... just to learn that there's a fresh pursuit which doesn't just has to be performed but also has to be achieved as hasty potential! We will not spoil all of the seconds for you if you prefer former gig then you'll undoubtedly never want to miss that . It's a bit shorter than former, but has all of the key features and gameplay mechanics of this sequence. With this gig specific you'll find five fresh Pussymon, 15 fresh cartoons and obviously fresh narrative.


29 November 22

Within this intriguing flash game you'll need to construct your ancient porno empire. Look at the game display and browse the directions. The principal assignment from the game would be to educate fucky-fucky marionettes. First you need to visit the sub market and purchase a big-boobed sub. Take a look at the world's map. It is possible to budge to some other location. In addition, the sub will execute a few requests, which can bring you a bit of golden coins. You need to decently handle the economy of this game in order to not go bankrupt. If you want to know more about games in which you will need to consider your mind rather than having a dick - then that flash game is most certainly for you. Start making your medieval porno empire.