Demon Slayer

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Goblin Layer

25 December 21

Have you ever came across Spirit Slayer? Well, the Spirit Layer is undoubtedly better! Why? Due to the fact that he is not only slaying the spirits in a tough means yet he additionally fucks the most hot spirit chicks is the means even harder! Plus a whole lot of dungeon crawler gameplay attributes (such as caves discovering, rpg, turn-based battles etc) if you locate this stuff as much amazing as hot fantasy sex scenes.

Demon Slayer Corps' Secret Training Sessions

6 September 22

A logic problem in which you need to position numerous building on the site so when three of the very same will be alongside each other they will merge into one bigger building. And also possibly this game would stay intriguing only for the fans of such gameplay if there were no two intriguing realities entailed: the setting is based on preferred anime series "Kimetsu No Yaiba: Satanic Force Slayer" and as incentives for attaining ceratin results you will be getting hentai themed artwroks with it's major heroines!