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Fappy Bat v1

2 April 21

"Fappy Bat" is a game that combines quite popualr lately flappy gameplay with manga porn parody over secondary characters from the Sonic universe such as Rouge the Bat, Topaz and Eggman. The situation is next - Eggman being a perverted old perv has captured Topaz for quite a unclear but scarcely any great purposes so now Rouge will have to get to her and set her free. Obviously there will be a whole lot of enemies inside her way yet she is going to use her natural grace and talents to break away them... with the participant's help ofcourse - control both the hight and trajectory of her flight with flaps of her horns and not straight. Besides evading enemies and dangers there will be some bonuses you may collect and big major chief overpowering which will unlock in-game gallery using quite hot articles.

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