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Mega Victory! Sexy Rock Paper Scissors

2 April 21

As you know the elementary game of rock-paper-scissors is something that could be employed to win many unique things but do you ever thought that it is possible to win a striptease demonstrate by playing it? Yet non the less here it is - the striptease game of rock-paper-scissors which you are going to play with this one real cutie who somehow has ended up in your virtual bedroom tonight! The tricky part is that you (well, your virtual alter ego) will be loosing clothes as well so there is still a chance for both winning or loosing the game unless you will want to cheat a little bit and click on the tissue box for 34 times (obviosuly this cheat mode is an excess measure if you won't be so lucky in direct game which is quite fun and pleasant and thatyou should try to play fare very first).

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