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2 April 21

Visual novel with combat scenes and fucky-fucky scenes as reward for the winning - this is what"Sexana" is about. And if this is not enough to get you interested then you should know that this game is happening in fantasy setting which means that battles here are going to be epic while fucky-fucky is going to be magical... well, more or less. The major purpose of teh game is to entice Exie - the proprietor of armor and weapon supermarket. How you may do that? By bringing the most awesome trophies from the battlefiled ofcourse! The more rare they will be the more fuck-fest scenes you will unlock. But will you be able to unlock them all? You will never know until you try! Also don't forget to check our website for more erotic fantasy games and even few new games from the world of"Sexana" too!

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