Fuck Town: Cleaning Services

No matter at what occupation you're working at Fuck Town - at the end of the day you willl have bang-out anyway! So now you'll be playing guy named Calvin. Calvin works for cleaning business and today he is on the way into the Mallory's place - she's arranged cleaning service in her appartment. She appears to fell lonely tody and while you will be working don't leave behind to give her a compliments - it will mean that after you done you'll be rewarded not just with money! And which makes compliments is a large part of this game - you'll need to choose 1 right of two choices to make Mallory to sense herself sexy and desireable - only choose one of her assets area. There will be ten of busy body regions - and following you will manage them all it will soon probably be Mallory's turn to care for your boner...

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Erotic Journey

From this match you may know that occasionally doing exactly what yourgirlfriend wants is the straight way into her underwear. You will be playing as an ordinary guy. He along with his girlfriend Lisa are in a camping trip yet allour primary hero can think about is that just how Lisa may look underall these clothes of her. Youboth keep your journey until you may find and abandoned state home. This is where you will figure out the true reason for why Lisa made an idea of a trekking excursion in the first place... The game is made as visual publication that usually means you'll need to read some text... but it's going to be simple to do thanks for your hero's fantasies - you'll be visiting Lisa naked and in different poses pretty often even before the real sex scene will happen in the game!

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