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Korra bondage rape – Porn Bastards

3 May 21

The guest of today's parody game hentai from the "Porn Bastards" series willbe not only famous and attractive and attractive, but also extremely powerful because it is none other than the famous avatar Korra! The fact that the character is classified as a lesbian is not a problem because in hentai games everything is possible... especially when you can convince Korra that everything that's going to happen isjust an illusion (and this is actually an element of the main task). However, sex scenes and the background stories aren't the only thing that will keep you entertainedbecause if you've played any other game in this series, then you are aware that there is a an array of customizable options and you can transform Korra into the most sexy character ever!

Avatar Manga porn – Toph anal sex

7 May 21

Avatar Aang fucks the Earth magician whose name is Toph. She loves anal invasion intercourse very much and is always ready to have nasty lovemaking. After training, pretty doll Toph offers Aang to have lovemaking and, after a couple of minutes, Avatar Aang rudely and hard fucks sexy Toph in her taut backside. Busty magician Toph groans from the pleasure and pain, when a fat dick rips her cock-squeezing backside in half. But she gets sexual pleasure from it. At the bottom left of the game screen you will notice a control panel. Click on the menu items to change the intercourse scene. Fuck big-boobed and dirty whore Toph again and again until she reaches a multiple orgasm. Enjoy her gorgeous and cock-squeezing booty at this time.

Make Me Yours!

27 May 22

In this gameyou will see avatars created using this design. Select the avatar that you like best and copy it by clicking the "Copy" button at the top of the page. You can also upload your own avatar by hitting the upload button located at the end of the page. The avatar will then embark on a sexual journey. The avatar's activation happens instantly.

Fucking Tylee Sex Simulator

15 September 22

In this minigame, you'll have the chance to put you're in the shoes of Aang in the most thrilling events of his entire adventures the moment Aang finally got to go after Ty Lee on the beach! The game is easy to play however, thanks to the various customizable settings and minigames, it's fun to play even if you've have never been a fan of "The Last Airbender" series!

Ty Lee - Fun in the Sun

12 April 18

As you very likely know Ty Lee is obviously fun and quite active gal from animated series"Avatar: The last Airbender" and in this diminutive interactive parody she is ultimately going to put all of her positiveness and activeness into proper thing - she is going to have a nice fucking on the beach! Actually the whole game is just one scene of hump to the beach yet it is not only adorably drawn and animated however also has few interesting features such as main actions selection and customization options! Enjoy the scene, change the apperance of main heroine or carry out either inside or outside cum-shot after which you can replay it again and again - even if you never were a devotee of this series you are still going to have a lot of fun with Ty Lee on the beach today!

The Last Cockbender

10 May 18

Even though Aang was on his own trip to be the Avatar and learn all his elemental skills, he had been approached by Princess Azula. The early technique of beef whistle bending was that his sole hope to win this battle.

Instructing With Korra

31 May 18

Korra wa sin the middle of her routine trainings when all of a sudden Azula has came up with one of her latest inventions but the only problem is that she has not tested it yet. Wiling to have a break and to help Azula at precisely the exact same time Korra volunteers herself as test subject... Oh, and this new gadget of hers is called"the waterbending dick"! The game is simple and all you need to do is just ensue the instruction on the screen and ofcourse to enjoy all the humorous and sexy situations that this couple of main characters will get themselves into. Nicely done graphic style and animation in addition with recognisable caharcters will make any worshipper of"The Legend of Korra" very blessed! But if you are here only to see two lezzies having fun with some times then this game will work just fine too.

Katara Sex

13 June 18

In this fascinating and depraved video game, you will discover that Aang is the sole remaining member of the Air Nomad nation, which was destroyed by the Firemen in 150. He Avatar is a man who is who is able to use the four types of magic, air, earth, water and fire is fucked by the gorgeous and sexy Katara the famous water wizard who is the only remaining one at the South Pole. The cock of Avatar's is tearing the cunt of a woman in half. The woman then receives a lot of gooey smoky cum all over her beautiful face. The girl is now in happiness. Utilize the control panel to interact with the game. Click on the title to alter the sex scenes that are animated in the game. Have fun with these depraved sex cartoon characters now.

Porn Bastards: Korra [v 1.3]

25 June 18

The renowned - and you could call her a legendary- avatar Korra is about to embark on one of her most thrilling adventures... But only is she aware that this thrill is actually sexual, and that this previously described adventure is just another episode from the hentai parody series that you recognize as "Porn Bastards"! A tiny bit of a story, a bit of dialogue and lots of sexual scenes, during which you will have the opportunity to personalize the main heroine and her companion to your preferences! The sex scenes may appear to be rough at times, but it's not enough to stop such a powerful character like Korra... and aside from that, who knows - maybe she'll want to be sucked by a real large cock in a raunchy manner after tonight!

Bend or Break: Korra Hentai Parody

24 June 19

This interactive 3D game will tell you a noteworthy story. The Avatar of Korra attended the assembly of the mages, but was handed over from the indigenous governor that serves the sequence of fireplace. Corra was put over the course of a metallic coffin. Presently your mission is to help Korra throw off captivity. To try it, you have to do diverse deeds. However remember. You will be in a position to solely perform a pair of activities per day. The 1st evening comes and thus the governor opens the coffin. Select deeds. Should you determine to AN unsuccessful action, then the game is finished. So be target-hunting by matters. On the primary day, it's ideal to talk to the Senate and also perform some strength training. The extra times you pay inside the coffin, the more extra you will learn attention-grabbing items. Korra will then tempt the Governor having a deep gulp of DT and escape. And thus the travel starts.

Katara Revamped

14 July 22

A simple and fun minigame that serves one purpose only for you virtually fuck a the cartoon girl who is none other than Katara from "Avatar The Last Airbender" series! In addition to enjoying the action from first perosn view, you'll also have access to several ways to personalize the game. Find the most attractive looks for Katara in accordance with your personal tastes!

Void Club Avatar

27 April 21

"Void Club" is a collection of visually novel adventures that take you to different worlds. In this chapter, it will be the world of Avatars powerful mages that can control one of the most fundamental aspects of the universe! So if "Avatar The Last Airbender" happens to be one of your most loved animated shows, then you'll be thrilled to have this chance to not only be a part of the familiar world of Avatar but also to live through the alternate adventures of the main characters... and also to have a blast with some hot girls of this world of magic, too! In addition to the setting, there will be instances where your choices will determine the plot, and there will be mini-games (challenging enough) to make the enjoyable and fun!