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There's a lot of Masturbation Porn Games to choose from, even if I just stick to the lovemaking games with higher ratings. My choices are Top Rated, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Dress-Up, and Cartoon. The Masturbation Porn Games page in fact gives you more than a hint and the content here is absolutely amazing. I want to briefly mention that there are great themes here and if you enjoy rendered hook-up scenes, you will find some diverse and high-quality content stacked up in this bitch. You won't be able to last more than two minutes here. There is no way you will make it past that mark unless your dick is made of steel - no fucking kidding. If you are the kind of guy that cums super-fast, you'd want to think twice about suspending around this site. Fuck it, there are so many things going on at Masturbation Porn Games' page, and there was so much going on before I even got to the main course yet. We have a collection of Masturbation Porn Games that will keep you busy and entertained for days, weeks and months! And with more and more Masturbation Porn Games added on a weekly basis, you can always come back and check out our updates to enjoy hot Masturbation Porn Games titles. So make sure to bookmark and stay tuned for our next Masturbation Porn Games launches. All of your beloved producers, all of your favourite Masturbation Porn Games titles and franchises can be found right here! You will never have to visit another Masturbation Porn Games website again! Why waste time jumping from one Masturbation Porn Games site to the next searching for the ideal Masturbation Porn Games when you can find them all right here? Let us do the work for YOU! We've spent several years combing the world wide web for the hottest and most erotic Masturbation Porn Games on the market. What are you waiting for?

Morning Temptations

3 May 21

What two sexy ladies can do in the morning? You will find this out in this new erotic quest game where all models are real! The gameplay is simple. You watch and enjoy the story but once the cursor becomes visible it means that there is a work for you to do - to find active spots on the screen and activate them. Someimes one screen will hold few active spots which ofcourse will be activating different scenes. If you happened to like some of scenes too much you can try to replay them befor emoving to the next screen and letting teh stoyr to go further. For more games with real models as well as hentai parodies on anime, cartoons and videogames you are always welcomed to visit our website where you can find differnet games in different genres to play.

Bang Akina

4 May 21

"Bang Akina" is a hentai game which made almost totally in japanese so if you don't knwo the language you migth have some troubles with playing (unles syou knwo teh language ofcourse). On the other side it will add some challenge into the process even though this process is quiet challenging by itself - in this game your main task is to sexually satisfy your girlfrined named Akina. When it comes to hookup with your girlfriend each move, each order of actions and even timing of these actions will have a great meaning for achiveing the success. So pay attention to Akina's reactions, don't make too long pauses and don't let her to suck yoru wood all the time - when it comes to relations then cumming sooner than your partner actually equals to game over!

The UPN v0.3 Tentacle Edition

4 May 21

If you are following our games then you have probably already seen some installations about sexual adventures of Crania aka the goddess of death. And if you have enjoyed them then you will be happy to know that in this game she will have to deal with tentacled monster from the deep! After you have set up the appearance of main heroine (or just decided to play with standard looks) you get on the main stage. Here you can choose from different positions and activities for Crania to perform in order to please the tentacle god's hunger for sexual pleasures. A lot of variatons and free 360 degrees moving camera will allow you not only set up orgy scenes from your wet cravings but also to enjoy them in details and from all posible points of view!

Intimate Cruise

4 May 21

Cruise ship sets sail on the ocean. A young and big-titted blonde named Nicole travels on a liner at the invitation of Captain Davis. Nicole sits in the pool entirely naked and enjoys the damp sun. She gets bored and she has to wake up. Move the mouse left and right so that Nicole begins to shake her appetizing watermelons. Um.. That's fine. Then Nicole sets off for the Kamitan cabin. There she finds Davis who shaves. Nicole sits on her knees and gives the captain a deep oral job. Then, Captain Davis fucks Nicole in her chocolate eye and the nymph reaches ass fucking orgasm. The captain leaves, and the excited Nicole wants to continue sexual adventures. She goes for a walk on the ship. What adventures await Nicole on the ship? Let's start the game and find out right now.

Street Racing Girls

4 May 21

In this 3d hook-up flash animation you will learn the intimate secrets of street racers. So deep dark night. Cars are racing through the sleeping city. Behind the wheel sit beautiful girls. They love night racing. The main prize is adrenaline and release of endorphins. After the race you will be able to choose one of four gals. And after that you can see a couple of gals having girl/girl fuckfest. Definitely there is nothing better than to see beautiful young bodies intertwined in a love ball. Girls munch each other pink nipples and squeeze mouth-watering tits. And then one doll puts the other on the bondage mask of the car and starts licking her pink poon. And after that, fuck a doll with a big strapon. In total, there will be 4 depraved animations in the game, so don't miss them all. Start playing right now.

Peeking Tom

7 May 21

Tom is a guy who is using binoculars to see how his neighbours fuck. Watch the full story about Tom as he stealthily peeks into windows with the purpose of getting a sexual thrill.

Satisfy assist me

7 May 21

Welcome to the book store. Just imagine that this place can make sweet woman into horny breezy in no time - all she has to do is to find hentai manga on the back book shelf. Today there is one woman visiting the store... and this woman has found hentai manga! So now she is sitting there and touching herself assuming no one sees what she is doing... but you already know! So now you will have to be a good citizen and help this woman even if helping is about masturbating at public place! Step by step you will get interesting dialogs (which are in japanese though) and will see how funny erotic manga will make this young gal to feel more and more horny with every page! Graphics combines 3d animation with 2d pencil drawings style. This prologue part one - if you liked it you can get part two from Meganeko Soft!

Mio F-series

9 May 21

Beautiful and damn sexy lady whose name is Myo Isurugi loves rough orgy very much. She is young, but her big milk cans attract the attention of other people. Definitely Myo Isurugi is a very hot thing. In addition, Myo Isurugi loves to play with lovemaking toys. In this game it's possible to see it. So look at the game screen. On the left and right of the screen you will see the icons. Click on the icons and then Myo Isurugi will change the orgy position. Then click on the triangle and then Myo Isurugi will slurp the thick hitachi. Press again and Mio Isurugi will fuck her pink cunt with a thick electro-hitachi. After a couple of minutes, Myo Isurugi reaches a multiple orgasm. So if you're ready to see it, then let's start playing right now.

Inga: Strip

10 May 21

Inga is hot looking platinum-blonde somewhere from Notehrn Europe but she is here not to tell you her story or anything like that - she is here only to be stripped down by you and to flash you her masturbating skills. The game is quiet short and simple and there won't even dialogs in it. To make Inga to strip you should click on the clothes pieces that are still on her. Once she she will be fully nude you can click on her big beautiful tits and enjoy the scene where she will be playing with them or you can click on her twat so she could give you a masturbation and self-fingering flash. If you will enjoy this private flash and will want for more then check our website where you can always find some games with hot blonde chicks doing sexy things for you you or with you!

Ass-Token Subway

22 May 21

The game of tokens may seem not so fun... but that is only because you have never played it's erotic interpretation before! And as you are about to see right here and right now any simple game will get way more fun with hot looking chick disrobing down for the winner and this is not mentioning the coin slot which is also made in erotic estethics! The task is simple - you need to swipe over falling down subway tokens in order to change their trejectory and send them into the token changer. Each successful hit will bring you three in-game dollars and once you get 21 dollars (probably there is an influence of certain card games as well) you will get on the next stage - the one where danicng model will take some of her clothes off and will perform even more nasty moves!

Panchira Town 3

22 May 21

Are you ready to visit Panchira Town for the 3rd time? Then click on start button! Just like before in thi sgame you can explore the night city. Just lock on any interesting building or possibly a train to see what interesting is happening there. For example ride on teh train with female who likes to be touched and likes to touch guys in return. Or visit night store where you will find seel female getting bored enough to fuck even a starnger like you! Or get to the highest point in the town and watch sexy ladies doing sexy things from there. You can get back tot own at any moment - just use the button in the right bottom corner of the screen and serach for another activities and sexual pleasures - there will be a lot of them tonight! If you liked this region of the game then may you should try another editions too.

The Cumvent

18 January 22

In search for new and better life handsome guy ends up in a convent where he is supposed to work as a jaitor and to perform other low-rank stuff. But what he is not supposed to do is to watch at the nuns... which actually becomes quite impossible and even if he would not watch at them then they would watch at himfor sure! So why to refuse the chance to know so many beautiful ladies as long as you will keep doing it carefully?

Interactive Stripper: Scarlett Jones

24 May 22

This is not exactly the gamebut more like an interactive stirptease performance in which you will get in the driver's seat - you will decide what outfit our model Scarlett Jones should wear and when exactly she will be getting rid off of it! Just study menus and make selections in any order that you prefer until you will explore Scarlet Jones' naked beauty completely!


3 September 22

Being an alchemist in the middle ages means that you will have to do much more things other than to mix up potions in your lab. For example, if there will be a war then you will be send on a spy missions during which you will have to pretend to be a fine lady! Well, maybe not exactly to 'pretend' because somehow you managed to create a very special pill which makes you the perfect candidate for such disguise missions...

Rio: Rainbow Gate F good-sized cupcakes

22 March 18

Beautiful and buxomy chick with an interesting hairstyle loves horny and rough fuckfest. The chick's name is Rio. She is the most popular croupier at Howard Resort casinos. So look at the game screen. You see Rio. She has big tits that attract your attention. Definitely you want to see a chick totally naked, and then see how she satisfies herself. Pay attention to the control panel on the left of the screen. Click on the icons and then Rio will change its position. There is a triangle on the right. Click on it and you will see Rio start to undress. Wait till she removes all her clothes. After that, click on the triangle. You will see how Rio begins to fuck her pink cunt with a big vibro. Enjoy this game right now.

Haruhi Suzumiya manga porn F00 – Light Novels

22 March 18

Anime cutie Haruhi Suzumiya has growned up and now she is curvy enough to be the guest star of hentai games as well! So this is Haruhi and she has breasts that will make jelaous half of pornstars! And her bikini swimsuit is so tiny that she could easily not ot put it on at all! And the most important - tonight she is your plaything! Choose one of the dozen position and enjoy the display. But no matter of your choice Haruhi will get fucked anyway - by your hard cock or by her favourite fucktoy! And it will always end up with her cumming! But no matter how horny she will be she will still keep her bikini swimsuit on - that's her kind of fetsih. If you always dreamed about Haruhi as your personal mega-bitch with massive breasts then you will enjoy this flash game a lot!

Winry Rockbell F hentai

22 March 18

Finally it happened that we all waited for a very long time. Busty doll Winry Rockbell is ready to display everyone her sexual prowess. Take a first look at Winry Rockbell. She has a pretty face, beautiful and large breasts and a gorgeous figure. What might be better than fucking this beauty right now. So, take a look at the left side of the screen. There are icons of sexual positions. Just click on it and Winry Rockbell will change the pose in the game. Enjoy this moment. And then click on the triangle on the right side of the screen. Oops... suddenly Winry Rockbell took off her clothes. Keep pushing and undress him downright. And after that you will see how a big and thick hitachi starts to fuck Winry Rockbell in a tight wet and pink honeypot. So let's start the fun immediately.

Dirty Camping

22 March 18

Guys and femmes came to nature for a weekend to loosen... Play a game to find out how just ordinary camping could become a real orgy!

Succubus Again

22 March 18

Interesting and fascinating 3D flash animation. To change the game scene, it is enough to use the green control buttons. So this is the story about the young guy and the sukubb who came to him. She is from another reality and wants to understand how people live. To do this, sukubb turns into a man, more precisely into a beautiful and damn sexy girl with a short haircut. She has a gorgeous figure and a big elastic tits. She definitely likes this transformation. The girl begins to study her body, squeeze her breasts, twirls her nipples and plays with pussy. This causes her strange, but pleasant sensations. She definitely wants to know a lot more and is going to go to a busy street... What happened next you learn yourself.

Sexy Maid Nude

22 March 18

Would you like to have hookup with a beautiful and young maid? Such a damsel works in your house. She is very cool and obviously wants a little affection. Let's help the damsel achieve orgasm. To get started, use interactive contraptions that you can select in the panel on the right of the screen. Take off her uniform from the damsel. Mmm... she's beautiful. Then take off her white panties. After that, start licking her pink cunt and chocolate eye. The damsel begins to groan softly from sexual pleasure. Use a vibro to earn the damsel wet. And then fuck her with your thick dick in her pink cunt. Or maybe you want to fuck this maid in a round arse? Do it and you can bring the damsel to ass-fuck orgasm.

Mass Effect Liara Masturbation

22 March 18

In"Mass effect" game you have a lot of teammates that you can take with you ona missions. Ofcourse you can not take all of them so while Commander Shepard and couple of his friends are saving the galaxy the other crew members has to think out how to spend this time. For example Liara already know swhat she is going to do if Shepard won't take her on this mission... and since her plans were about masturbating and this game is hentai parody ofcourse she was the one who stayed on the ship! Gameplay here is extra easy - just hoose one of few options like you did in dialog scenes of the original game and enjoy what will happen next. Masturbation, fingerblasting, playing with dildo - Liara definitely won't get bored while Shepard is away! The only question that remains is why dildo in this game has an official N7 logo on it?

Remote Manage Panchira

26 March 18

Thsi is a some sort of a spin-off from a hentai themed game series whih you might know by teh name"Panchira Town" so if you are familiar with this series then you are probably already know what to expect and you alreday know are you willing to play it or not. For everyone else this is going to be another one simple erotic game where you can control hot looking anime females and their behaviour with a simple remote control. Explore the abilities of this fantastic invention and try to apply all the buttons for your own funtime - evey button you will push will provide with delicious views of hot female bodies! And ofcourse if you enjoy short and fun hentai games you should check the original game series which you can always find on our website!

Holio U Phyllis Nightengale

26 March 18

The protagonist of the game lives in a quiet quarter. Recently, he has a new neighbor. This is a beautiful and jiggly blonde. She works as a nurse at a local Vietnam Veterans Hospital. One evening you decide to visit her. Knock Knock. The door is opened by a blonde. Mm... she looks damn attractive. So in order to interest a lady you have to be funny and gallant. Do not be rude and then the lady will invite you to come in. Choose the right dialogue options to do this. In the room, the lady offers you a drink. While she went into the kitchen you find a significant vibro. The lady blushes and says that she has not had a boyfriend for a long time. So you have to fuck this huge-titted blonde. To get started, undress her and start licking her big peaches. After that, fuck the blonde in the bum... It's time to do it.

College 2001: Bi-racial Hardcore

12 April 18

"School 2001: Interracial Hardcore" is some sort of interactive comics about hot lady (according to sezie of her curves she must be a lecturer) getting horny in the classroom when she finds ceratin books among her other study materials. Explore thes epictures with her and see how she will be satsifying herself, what she will think at every moment of this instant but exciting action and so on. To know teh toughts of main heroine move your cursor over her face and you will texts whenever this function is possible. Overall this story will be shown through set of 50 pictures in which you will see how masturbation becomes sextoys playtime and how this playtime goes long enough for our heroine to get an unexpected company to join the fun...