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Hold a School Porn Games tournament. This can be a lot of fun for you and your gaming buddies. You may either do this online, at your home or at a friend's position. Serve some fun snacks and get as many people as you can be involved. This is a superb way to enjoy your game playing with friends I have never been one for watching animated or 3D CGI chicks gettingfucked by animated or 3D CGI dicks. This may be exactly the same reason I never got into School Porn Games... it's too far away from the real thing for my tastes. Get ready to change the way you look at School Porn Games forever. If you thought you had seen School Porn Games before, it's nothing compared to what you could find here, at the #1 School Porn Games website for devotees. What we offer here is nothing but the best School Porn Games in the world, created and produced in Japan by genuine masters of this art. While there are many other School Porn Games websites out there that claim to offer a wide variety of School Porn Games, they're nothing compared to what you can find right here. We take School Porn Games very earnestly -- it's what we do! No other website offers these many School Porn Games that you can play online right on your browser. If you love playing top quality School Porn Games, then you came to the perfect place. Get ready for the ultimate pornography gaming experience.

Sexcity The Hot Teacher

21 June 21

What character do you believe you'll be playing in this hentai themed school game held in Sex City? Teacher? This role is already filled by the gorgeous blonde hottie sporting huge tits! Perhaps you'll play one of her students? This role is also played by a stupid dude who isn't experienced in thinking with his own mind... but at least it's more than a lie since you will be playing as his father! We're not certain if you've ever played this roles in games like hentai before but there's nothing to worry about simply follow the tale and when you are with the teacher hottie one-on-one, take this chance to give her many compliments and then to entice her into having a sex session in the class!

Wizfucking World: Bitchcraft Revenge

10 August 21

It is evident from the name, the game "Wizfucking World: Bitchcraft Revenge" will be about a world that is very like ours, but in which magic is still present. It's not just being a prisoner inside the walls of avery special school, but also being utilized on the streets for different reasons ranging from helping others to obtaining what you want, no matter who is hurt during the process. This is probably what happened to the main character of the story, and after the death of his father and his being forced to relocate to a very dangerous parts of the cityhe is still under the surveillance of a mysterious and powerful wizard. However, with the help of his roommate Cammy and his half-sister Emma the boy will finally have the chance to defend himself!

Horizon Of Passion 0.9

15 October 21

In this tale, you are portrayed as a character who relocates with his mother and sister to a new home in an attempt to begin an entirely new (and likely better) life. The town isn't big in any way, so story of the new guy was a hit in the community and at the college quickly, and you should not be averse to the opportunity to charm everyone next door and your teachers who you think are hot enough! Best of luck!

High School Master

17 November 22

The general sitaition makes Zack to get back to the secondary school as an instructor rather than developing an appealing career in science field. Initially he is distressed yet soon he realises that now as an instructor he has way more chances inside these walls as well as besides keeping on with his science jobs he likewise gets the possibility to settle his love life also! Or to mess up whatever totally?

Maeve's Academy

21 November 22

The academy at the school is filled with interesting activities and the main character decides to join the academy in order to lure all the girls at the academy. In order to do that you have to help him with some issues. He'll need demonstrate how he manages individuals. The academy is divided into two classes: 1st and 2nd class. If you do not want to be admitted to the academy, then you must sleep in class 1 with the girls. In order to be accepted into the 1st grade, you'll need to stay with the entire class. This is a fun game to play. Everything is dependent on you.

Haruhi Suzumiya first-ever lovemaking blowjob

22 March 18

If you know who Haruhi Suzumiya is and what is her story then very likely it will be good for you because this game is entirely in japanese language. But if you have no idea who this anime cutie is then try to play this game anyway - if you like to watch hot student with big tits giving you a blow-job. Just skip all the dialogs in the beginning by simply clicking on the game screen and use arrow keyes to start different animations when it will be the time for a blow-job part of the game. Try unique combinations and determine teh pleasure club will be cramming up - this will mean that you are doing everything right. Once it will be total just use come in button and give this cocksucking cutie her reward for the job well done. That's pretty much it - Haruhi Suzumiya is offically finished her first-ever blow-job!

Orga Fighter

22 March 18

The big-titted technical college student was in a strange situation. Aliens attacked the college. They entered the corridors and are looking for ladies to have hook-up with them. You have to help the gal escape free. To start, customize the gal. You can change the hairstyle and something else. Then go in search of a way out. Use the keyboard to stir, dodge, hop and attack monsters. At the top of the screen you see the information club. Sometimes a gal will get an orgasm that gives invisibility. In the event the monster rolls the gal, she will rip off her clothes. With repeated contact, the monster will fuck the gal in the cunny and butt at the same time. So you need to act carefully so that the gal remains alive and finds a way out of college. Let's start the game at this time.

A Student Dream

12 April 18

It will tell a story about a female student whoone day realizes that she can't remain a normal person any longer. She starts to explore different aspects of her life, that is obviously going to be having plenty of sexual sexual sex. Are she going to turn into a total sexually sexy or will she discover ways to handle her desires in different ways? To answer this questionyou must play the game on your own! Apart from telling the story, this game has other interesting features and elements from genres like visual novels, quests, and more. There are some explorations and making choices. The controls are easy to use - Use the WASD buttons to move about and use'spacebar' to interact with various objects and characters.

Satsutake 60%

1 May 18

Small manga porn project for all who enjoys huge-chested ladies pretending to be a students and even put on the uniform for that. If you think it is fun then hit the play button and enjoy! Game has no story or even some sort of introduction - right from the start you can choose one of five scenes where our big-boobed heroine will be fucked by some skinny dude in an empty classroom. But there still going to be a catch - game is in japanese language! Yet there is nothing to worry about - lists of sexual actions that you will be choosing from to progress the scene are not very long so pretty briefly you will simply memorize which button does what. Also when you have to get back to the scene selection menu use button in the bottom left corner of game screen. Enjoy!

Fuka F-Series

29 May 18

In this interactive flash game you will fuck a jummy nymph. Her name is Fuka. She heard a whole lot about it, but did not apply it in practice. Let's help her experience real satisfaction. The first-ever thing to do is pay attention to the control panel on the remaining part of the game screen. This panel can change the sexual positions in the game. Check it right now by clicking on a couple of icons on the panel. You see. Sexual Fuka changes introduces. Now look at the ideal side of the screen. There you will see a triangle. Click on it. Wow. Luna starts to take off her clothes. Click again and it will be downright naked. And again - then a sexual process will begin. Fuck Fuka in different poses until she's a vagial and assfuck orgasms. Do it at this time.

A Schoolboy Punch

4 June 18

As author says it is the third portion of the game which genre is adult escapade. We have no idea how the previous was titled but very likely you can find them somewhere on our website because we have a lot of them and will be adding more. Now to this game. Don't expect something indeed spectacular from this gime like excellent artworks or hardcore gameplay. Most of the time you will be playing as stud who walks around the school building and does different usual stuff. For moves you should use WASD keys and to perform some act when it is possible simple press on spacebar. Just one hint - if you happened to get into fight sequence with some hellion notice that you can't hit him back and all you need to do is to memorize the sequence of his actions and dodge his strikes.

Robozou Dame Have fun

18 June 18

This is another Sim date game, where you have to navigate through different locations, collect items, speak to other personalities, and have some sex. Game can be saved - don't forget to continue it later when you want.

The Tales of St. Clare's

21 June 18

Quite simple but at precisely the exact same time fun, colorful and well animated anime porn parody about lovely looking twins from japanese anime"Mischievous Twins: The Tales of St. Clare's". In case you have not seen this anime or perhaps heard of it you don't have anything to worry about because this anime porn parody game is not about the story or characters but it is roughly two nasty students who stay in the classroom after the investigate is over and fuck each other at teh educator's desk! As a player you cannot only to watch but also to affect on what is happening on the screen as a result of the set of customization options like showcasing or liquidating clothes from certain character, turning on or off x-ray mode, making the active doll to use a strapon or turn her into futanari and so on.

Luna F-Series

24 June 18

A huge-chested beauty named Luna loves to fuck and fuck herself with a thick massager. Today Luna has prepared a kinky fucky-fucky showcase for you in which you will fuck her. So look at the game screen. Busty Luna looks at you and waits for your act. Use your mouse and interactive spots to unclothe Luna and look at her from all angles. Then click on the triangle on the ideal side of the screen. Then Luna will unclothe and masturbate. But this is not enough for her. Luna wants a major fucky-fucky plaything inside her wet cunt. Help her solve this dilemma. Fuck Luna in her cock-squeezing poon, tearing it in half and after a few minutes Luna will start yelling from orgasm and squirting. Then it is possible to fuck Luna in her cock-squeezing and round bootie. Bring the female to multiple orgasm and she will be satisfied. Let's take action.

College Secrets

2 July 18

Life in a Japanese school is always full of secrets and interesting stories. Dating, romance, tears of joy or anger. All this is available for schoolchildren. In this game we will try to open one secret for you - a sexual secret. So a couple of people love each other and love sex. You come to visit them and go into the house. Opening the door to the living room, you see how a guy roughly forces his girlfriend to have sex. He forces her and wants to be master. You look that you will be further. The dude bites the ear of his girlfriend and the girl moans softly. And then the guy rips off the girl's clothes and begins to crumple her big breasts. And after that, he inserts his fingers into her pussy.. Do you want to know what happened next?

College Secret 2

5 July 18

Inside this manga porn game you'll be able to date with a single female and after your relationship will end up successfull... you can meet the other one! Sounds interesting? Then begin to play! Genre of this game is visual book so get ready to read some texts and enjoy awesome artworks during your escapade. But when you get to manga porn scenes they will be interactive - bothing indeed hardcore (for gameplay) and mostly reminds simple clicker minigames. And if you prefer to play with cute looking students who ready to fuck for getting a higher grades at the examination session you ar egoing toenjoy the story part of the game too. More games about whorey femmes in uniform you always can find on our website which youa re always welcomed to visit afte ryou finish this game.

Professor Zedwin Extra Class

15 July 18

Substitute educator from aboard - is there any finer theme for hilarious animations? And if this educator will be Professor Zedwin from Germany then you can be confident that story will be not just but also very sexy! Professor Zedwin is quite independent woamn - she is even imdependent from the school plans on what her student need to lurn. Why to learn something else when you can learn Professor Zedwin's favourite engineering? Yet there is still one thing that may mke her to forget about engineering... and it is male erection! And like it always happens with german educators one of her student just got a boner alert inside her class. So now Professor Zedwin will flash how a grown woman has to deal with such problem. For more hilarious and sexy stories just go to our website!

1HG: A Student Fantasy

6 October 18

This interactive RPG quest game will tell you a story that happened in a Michigan County school. So the game begins and you see the class. Students are sitting there. One of the college girls indeed requires a toilet and she asks permission to go out. Use the WASD and Space buttons to interact with the game and control the college girl. So to get started, go to the educator. He will let you go to the toilet. Go out into the corridor and head to the toilet. Hm strange. Two teenagers smoke in the women's toilet. Seeing you, they run away to the toilet. You open the door to the cabin and see how your classmate deepthroats a dick to some unknown kid. Definitely damn sexy. After a couple of minutes, the booth freed and the nymph might piss. Now you need to wash your palms and comeback to class for a textbook.. So how do you understand your adventures in school are just beginning.


19 October 20

In this interactive visual publication with many choices that may influence the more development of the story, you'll play, beginning with the instructor. Of course, your students have had tons of horny chicks, one in all them, and not all of them, is most likely going to distract you from attention in many different areas of communication besides those studied... however watch out - since you were informed from time to time. You'll ought to select what to mention or do next, and so the consequences of this alternative will provide you with tons of joy or a lot of issues. Pass this game is suggested to anyone who likes not only the scenes of fucking, however additionally tons of dialogue and storytelling, though this game has been announce since the time of Hentai. So let's begin our travel instantly.

SexCity : The Hot Teacher

23 November 20

Miss Apple is one of those schoolteachers who is not only giving lessons but also tries to make her students responsible for their actions. And in order to do this she sometimes even call the parents of those students whose behaviour has been bad for a private conversation. You will be enjoying as the father of one of such students... but after meeting Miss Apple in personal you barely will want to punish your son-in-law because Miss Apple is one hot looking lady and even finer - meeting with her in private will offer you interesting opportunities which let's be honest barely has anything in common with training students a fantastic manners... yep, we are discussing seducing and having intercourse in the working place here! Play the cards you got properly and can be you will want to see Miss Apple more often in the future.

High College Romance

7 April 21

This game may take into the world of high school romances... which means a lot of hot chicks trying to get your attention if you are a school captain of bascketball team with perfect body. So you will be playing as Mark. And he has a girlfriend - hot blonde cheerleader Samantha. And he will even try to be faithful to her. Play the dialogs right and you will be able to fuck her in the toilet cabin at some point! But what she will do to keep you hers when you find out there is new lady in this faculty with even more sex-positive reputation than Samantha has! Funny and sexy situations that depends on what dialog options you will choose and even how good your reaction in sexual minigames will be - this is what you can find in this hot manga porn game produced in amazing three dimensional style!

Double Home Work Episode 16

7 April 21

The "Double Homework" adventure continues and the stakes keep getting higher. If you're looking to continue living the same living that you've gotten used to, then you need be very careful about the steps you will take in this battle with Dennis that is becoming increasingly obvious and even dangerous. The reality that Dennis was the only one responsible for your suspension from the old school was only the first step, but Dennis is now planning to make use of blackmail to get you into trouble more! Why? Because this jerk is determined to take all the gorgeous girls for himself! No matter if you have romantic relationships with them or are just good friends, you shouldn't allow this occur! If only you could figure out ways to fool the fool and then beat him in his own game...

Hentai Diaries

17 July 21

In "Hentai Diaries" you'll be playing as a fresher in college, and all the consequences that come with your situation - you'll need to figure out how processes work in this environment and you'll need to make new friends, and not to make new acquaintances and the list goes on. However, not everything is bad if you examine the situation from a different angle and you'll be able to meet a variety of attractive characters you can develop friendly or even intimate relations! However, you'll need make efforts to achieve this and it will be not just about establishing conversations in a professional manner, but also about completing certain personal quests or locating specific objects. In the dialogues on the right-hand side of the screen, you can see the size of your relationships and how your actions affect it.

Serenity Circle v0.14

16 September 21

"Serenity Circle" might seem like a odd for a school, but it's quite sensible - but this is not a normal school, but the school of magic! Who is the newest pupil of this school? You are! Let's hope you're not afraid to act as a sexy female character as that's exactly what's coming next. With innate abilities for creating spells and witchcraft, you still need to master a variety of things, not just about magic, but also how to interact with other people. There are a variety of teachers and students and, while some could become your adversaries or even adversaries, others could become your best friends... they could become close friend If you understand what we mean by that.